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Only after an exhaustive study of the market and its potential, relevant competitive activity and examination of all options for maximizing sales, do we launch highly effective promotional campaigns.

Continuous monitoring of sales activity, coupled with an established market presence enables us to increase volume and market share rapidly for each brand. A rapid turnover in stock guarantees our customers that only the freshest packed quality products are available to them on demand.

Maintaining a dominant position for all our established brands, demands the use of finely tuned campaigns and the evaluation of all relevant data.

Superior market knowledge, coupled with our ability to penetrate and develop new and existing markets for you will secure measured growth year on year. Expert promotion, positioning and pricing will ensure that your brands are correctly and efficiently managed on their way to dominant market positions.

Dedicated management, sales and marketing teams will produce the targeted increases in your export volumes. Growth in revenue from enhanced bottom lines will generate improved ROI's for your company's brands.



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