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 Kaylani Food Center is the distributor of food and food related products throughout the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with its distribution network expanding throughout the whole country.

We dominate both specific and general markets with a range of leading, branded, food products, of the highest quality.

Before TQM (Total Quality Management) and customer service became the accepted buzz words of modern management practice, we realized that our success as a distributor lay in the unequivocal adoption of these two significant factors.
Now eighteen years since we started trading in the Jordanian market, we remain as focused as ever. Our investment in people, products and promotion has been very positive especially with our trading partners. We will continue to dominate markets with only the highest quality brands and products, serving our customers with total dedication.
We know that lasting success can only be achieved through a program of continuous investment. We will thus continue to invest in training and human resource development promoting both loyalty and pride of ownership in our business.
To retain our competitive edge we will increase our sales volume of quality products significantly. By rewarding success we are confident that we will continually out-perform our competitors.

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